Starting a plant-based diet is easier than most people think! To make it even easier for you, I've gathered some of my favorite animal alternative products that I've used and recommend to family/friends, and put them all here for you to explore! Most of these brands are 100% vegan or have vegan products, and made with mostly clean, non-GMO ingredients. Yes, you'll see a lot of these are "processed/junk," but they are great transitional items for you (and your family) to eat while on your way to a healthier lifestyle! I still incorporate some of these items - such as dressings - in our daily routine! This is especially helpful for bigger families trying to veganize their life, or for those who do not know how to cook. Some of the brands listed also have tasty recipes on their websites. You should be able to find most of these brands in stores local to you, Whole Foods, or online. Plant-based does not have to be boring, especially when your meals are filled with colorful nutrients, and flavor! Most of these brands are vegan, but not all. For instance, "Lactose free" is not vegan. So double check ingredients list to make sure you are getting the vegan version.

PLANT-BASED PROTEIN: I no longer use protein powders/products, but I feel they are great transitional items, especially for those who work out daily! Make sure products you're viewing are vegan/plant-based. 

  • Sun Warrior - powders, bars, and supplements + clothing. ​ 

  • Garden of Life - powders, bars, and supplements. Their B12 is the brand I use and trust (which is also available on amazon). 

  • Vega - powders, bars, and supplements.  If you sign up for Vega's eNewsletter, you'll stay up to date on latest sales and promotions, plus get a 15% off promo code for the Vega Store.



VEGAN MEATS: These products taste real. Trust me!

  • Field Roast - deli meats + sausage and hot dogs.

  • Gardein - Everything is great. Try their chicken! 

  • Tofurky - vegan meats + vegan deli meats.

  • Beyond Meat  - Try their burgers, or beefless crumble for tacos!

  • Boca Burgers - I buy their vegan chicken patties for Michael once in a while.

The Following don't taste like real meats. However, they are delicious veggie burgers, simple organic/clean ingredients, and great to put on salads or add to meals! I love these in sandwiches. I use Sunshine burgers and Hilary's the most for Michael. 


  • Follow Your Heart 

  • Miyoko's Kitchen - some of the best artisan vegan cheeses, and butter on the market. Probably my favorite when it comes to cheeses! They even have mozzarella that melts! 

  • Kite Hill - extremely tasty, and clean ingredients. Try their vegan raviolis, too! Another one of my favorite, vegan brands.

  • Treeline Cheese  - such great cheeses, especially with crackers!

  • Go Veggie - check out their vegan parmesan cheese.  

  • Daiya - shredded cheese options. 

  • Tofutti - Cream cheese & more. 

  • Chao cheeseamazing cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches. 

  • Earth Balance - butters, mac & cheese + snacks! 

  • Follow Your Heart  - dressings and cheeses + eggs!

  • So Delicious - organic milks, creamers, yogurts, ice creams!

  • Califia Farms - milks, creamers, coffees. Their half & half is my favorite!





There are so many brands now going DAIRY-FREE with ice cream, which is awesome! But, be sure to look for "dairy-free" and not just "lactose-free" as lactose will still have milk in ingredients. Ben & Jerry's has 7 [new] vegan flavors, and Breyer's even has 2 vegan options now! NadaMoo is one of Michael's favorite brands, too. 

Happy Cow is a great online resource to use to find vegan / vegan friendly restaurants near you! I hope this list of links & info help you get started with your cruelty-free lifestyle: cruelty-free to your body AND animals, too! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more daily diet tips.

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WARNING: Some of these products may contain allergens such as nuts, soy, or gluten. Be sure to read labels carefully! If you are trying to detox from illness, I do not recommend (most of) these foods while trying to heal. Contact me for detoxification help.