Do you offer health coaching services?

Yes! I am a certified health coach, certified in plant-based nutrition, and certified detoxification specialist. Visit my "SERVICES" page and click "Contact" for more info!

Do you buy 100% organic produce? 

When it comes to organic, I stick to the dirty dozen & clean 15 list. (Easy to google other lists, and check annually). Meaning, I try my best to always purchase organic what's on that list, purchase organic where I can, and do my best with the rest.

For instance: I always purchase berries, apples, greens, potatoes, and stone fruits organic. Plus always what is on dirty dozen. Examples of conventional items I buy are mangoes, avocados, melons, citrus, cauliflower, etc... 

How do you do your face & armpit masks? 

Click here for full blog post! Scroll down blog post for mask details. 

What kitchen appliances do you use?

Here are the links (via amazon) for all the appliances I purchased, or that I've acquired through birthdays/holidays! You certainly do not need all these, but I would say a high speed blender is most essential: 

I found some of these items (cheaper) at Costco, Walmart, Target, or Bed, Bath, & Beyond with coupons/sales. Keep in mind, these are items for your daily, healthy lifestyle! Think of it as a long-term investment! Here's a tip: always ask for gift cards for birthday's and holidays ;) 

What herbs do you take, and where do you purchase them? 

I've been on an array of herbal protocols (tinctures & capsules) over the last 2 years, and I change it up quite often, depending on how I feel. I order my herbs through Dr. Morse or, and create specific herbal protocols for clients, tailored to clients' needs. 

However, I also drink a lot of different herbal teas/infusions! You can order herbs & spices in bulk from:

Where do purchase food in bulk?

I buy my bulk produce from Costco! But as far as dried goods, spices, toiletries, etc..., I order a lot from: 

Thrive market, Raw Food World, and iHerb are other great online resources. 

Do you take supplements?  

No, but I do take B12 on/off, as I feel it's best to listen to when my body needs it. When buying B12, make sure it's made with methylcobalamin. Click here to see the brand I use! I wrote an entire blog post on supplements, which can be viewed here

I am not opposed to supplements, and I believe in taking a good form of d3 ocassionally in the winter. I just personally feel I would rather detox, and address the root cause of my conditions & symptoms first, rather than suppress. Remember, you must eat healthy and detoxify the body, not just rely on supplements. 

What cleaning products do you use?

View Green Products section, under the Resources tab. 

What beauty products do you use?

View Green Products section, under the Resources tab. 

What is dairy?

Dairy includes milks - including lactose free-, yogurt, ghee, gelato, ice cream, kefir, sour cream, casein, buttermilk, cottage cheese, cream, custard, cream cheese, whey/whey protein, butter, and all types of cheeses - anything that comes from the milk of an animal! Make sure to read labels when buying boxed food items as well, as a lot of foods will have dairy in ingredients. Remember, lactose free does not mean dairy free.


What can I eat / drink in place of dairy?

Click here for animal product alternatives!

How did you transition to a plant-based diet? What do you recommend?

Read my blog post about how to transition to a plant-based diet! I also highly recommend researching/reading/watching videos by Dr. Morse, Dr. Greger, PlantForks over Knives, PlantBasedAthlete, and more! Always make sure you're eating more plant-based foods vs. animal based foods! The more fruits, veggies, whole grains, legumes you eat, the less room you'll have for animal products.


Book recommendations coming soon! 

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