I feel many people are intimidated by good health; they accept deterioration, illness, and pain as a part of aging, and life. Do not, ever, accept "dis-ease," nor accept the labels it's burdened you with. Arthritis, fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain, all of these ailments are not just the inevitable of the "aging process." This is the result of years of poor lifestyle choices = inflammation and elimination system stagnation forming ACIDS! The glands and all of our systems, especially lymphatic, takes the brunt of these acids, too! We become degenerative because acids are degenerative! 


You have the ability to take control of your health and be your own healer. It takes dedication, but it's your LIFE we are talking about, and I'm here to tell you that your life matters. You, too, can heal! But first, you must detox. 

I healed, reversed, and am still healing, many of my "dis-eases" and symptoms, without medical intervention, thanks to herbs like fresh + tinctures/tonics, intermittent fasting, juices, and a plant-based diet, rich in fruit. You may experience some type of cognitive dissonance or skepticism upon hearing this. I know I did when I first learned about detoxing and living a plant-based lifestyle. I thought my conditions were too advanced, intense, and metastasized to "control" with diet / without medicine. Healing is not linear;  it is not a quick-fix, and it can take many months. Slowly but surely, it will occur. 

As of February 2017: 

I rarely have indigestion nor suffer from migraines anymore, my immune system is strong, my body does not systemically ache, I've had drastic reduction in my overall lymph node swelling, along with my heart symptoms being far and few between. My vertigo, body tremors/numbness/tingling, and hot flashes are gone. My menstruation cycle is regular. My RA, asthma, and allergies have improved tremendously. I have little to no nerve pain. My other symptoms are continuously improving with the ebbs and flows of detoxification. I would even say I reversed my Lyme disease and candida, which I've suffered from over 15 years. More importantly, I am independent again - something I was unable to be for a long time due to mental/emotional and neurological reasons.

"if it's important to you, you will find a way. 

if not, you'll find an excuse..."

The more I heal, the more disconnected I feel from fear attached to chronic illness. Keep in mind, as healing as foods can be, my healing is big in part due to how I detoxed by body from toxins, parasites, viruses, candida, metals, etc... I cannot fail to mention the detoxifying and healing properties of raw foods, fasting, non-toxic products (for house & beauty), colonics, and essentials oils, plus the help from my chiropractor, energy worker, and acupuncturist. I have developed such a strong, personal dedication to my health, Because I've chosen to detox my body, and live this new lifestyle, I have reduced chronic inflammation and acids in my body, creating an alkaline environment in which "dis-eases," and harmful parasites cannot thrive in.

daily routine

My current healing "routine" (FEBRUARY 2017) typically looks like this: 

  • 16oz fresh celery juice for breakfast 
    = breaking-the-fast!

  • 32oz lemon water with my Dr. Morse herbs

    • (I do this 2x more throughout my day)

  • fresh juices, ginger root tea, or herbal tea with
    raw honey (3-4x daily)

  • fresh fruit, 32oz smoothie, or smoothie bowl

  • fresh fruit, 32oz smoothie, or smoothie bowl

  • snacks = dried fruits, dates, or coconut water   

  • big salad with kraut and raw veggies

  • and/or raw wraps (collards or coconut) with sprouts

For healing purposes, I am mostly raw/fruits and low fat! But since it's February (2017), and I need grounding, usually I'll have steamed veggies & baked potatoes and/or vegetable soup at night. I do daily intermittent fasting, anywhere between 14-18 hours.  I also always incorporate fresh parsley, ginger, garlic, & turmeric into my day, as they are powerful detoxifiers, and anti-inflammatories! I try to keep fats to a minimum, and only eat health fats such as flax, avocado, nuts, and/or coconut, and use little to no oils. 
















I set my alarm for the same time every day, and I relax in bed for a while on days I don’t have work. I do 4-7-8 breathing in morning, and before bed. (Only do 4-7-8 breaths 2x daily)! I dry-skin brush before shower (blog post soon to come). I DON'T wash my hair often - this isn't something essential I recommend for everyone, ha! But, I do not feel it's healthy to wash your hair daily either. The natural oils on our scalp are needed. Anyway... I journal daily: what I eat, drink, BM's, herbs taken, how I'm feeling, etc... I write down what I am grateful for in that day - if it's a new / full moon, I write down my intentions and what I want to release. I wear/hold my crystals, and use my Young Living essential oils. I practice piano and/or color. I read, which I love. I am constantly reading/learning something, whether it’s a book or an article. I am grateful that I can read again (recovering from neurological fatigue and brain fog) but I just make sure to take frequent breaks. I rebound, walk, and/or stretch daily, and I am working on increasing the duration of this exercising. I have multiple Himalayan salt lamps throughout our home. I currently work at a local, organic farm/nursery and assistant teach part-time. A lot of healing + physical exertion (for me) goes on there. I see my acupuncturist and chiropractor every few weeks, along with an energy worker every few months. 

To learn more about my daily, healing routine, along with healthy, holistic living, follow me on Facebook and Instagram! If you're interested in purchasing Young Living essential oils, I am a YL member. Feel free to contact me for more information and/or to sign up!