Welcome to resources! Here, I have provided pages that I believe will be helpful for your transition to a healthier, plant-based, non-toxic lifestyle, along with natural ways to help cope with mental illness.


Under Anxiety tips, I discuss ways to cope naturally. Whether you are on medication or not, this page lists basic, daily coping skills you can utilize to help you with daily anxiety, or during panic. Click here to learn more about the root of anxiety. 


Green products is a page dedicated to non-toxic, chemical free, cruelty free products for your everyday living: beauty, travel, household, and more! Under


Animal product alternatives, I've provided for you a page of links and resources for vegan foods to replace everyday animal products, such as dairy, meat, and cheese! I believe the more resources that are available, it makes it easier to transition from a Standard American Diet to a Plant-Based lifestyle!

Last but not least, Coffee Alternatives, for those looking to replace coffee/caffeine or find a healthier option. 



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