5 Minute Cucumber/Tomato Salad!

This salad is quick, and simply delicious! This is a favorite for Michael, and it’s so easy to make! Just wash/chop, season, and eat (or store for later)! It’s raw, vegan/plant-based, oil free, gluten free, and fat free - unless you add avocado ;-)


When uncooked, tomatoes are very alkalizing! They are great for cardiovascular health, and also high in lycopene - a form of antioxidant - which helps with bone health. Cucumbers are water rich, and high in fiber, which make them great for digestion! They also contain silica, which is amazing for joints, hair, skin, and nails. Staying hydrated doesn't mean just drinking water; it also means to eat hydrating foods!


•  1 organic English cucumber,
    peeled & chopped into bite sized pieces
•  Organic tomatoes (I currently use 3
    Romana  or  6-7 organic Campari),
    chopped into bite sized pieces. (Typically,
    you would use about 2 large/regular sized
    tomatoes, 4 medium, 6, small, or a bunch
    of grape/cherry).

•  some fresh basil leaves, chopped
    (or use 1/4 tsp of Italian seasoning) 

•  1/4 - 1/2 tsp garlic powder
•  1/4 - 1/2 tsp dried parsley,
     (or some fresh sprigs)
•  1/4 tsp Himalayan sea salt
•  A few cracks of black pepper
•  Additional options to add: 
crushed red pepper (to taste), 1/3 red onion, 1 small handful of chopped spinach, 1 avocado (halved and cut up), juice from 1 lime, and/or sprouts / micro-greens!



1.  Wash cucumber and tomatoes, and peel cucumber.

2.  Chop basil - if using fresh.

3.  Dice all of your veggies into bite sized pieces

4.  Add chopped veggies, herb(s), and seasoning to bowl.

5.  Mix well and serve, or store for later!  


Super easy, and tasty, too!


NOTE:  This serves as 1 big salad serving (we like big salads!), or a smaller servings! If not using English cucumber, use 2 smaller cucumbers. If adding an avocado, this adds healthy fats to the meal, but no longer makes it fat free.


Tag me at @clementinecrossing and use the hashtag #ClementineCrossingRecipe on Facebook and Instagram if you try it!



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