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To some, this may seem either scary, or "pointless." But I'm here to share that it's NEITHER! Adjustments are so great for our health - mind/body/spirit! Not only does it help with physical pain and ailments, it helps unblock energy channels and obstruction of flow in our body.

First, here's a clip of my chiropractic adjustment with my chiro, Dr. Joseph Gulotta! He is currently the only doctor (besides Dr. Morse) that still "treats," me, and I have nothing but the upmost respect for him! You can watch and listen briefly to what goes on in my adjustment session! After watching the video, read below! :)

Allow me to briefly discuss my experience personally with chiropractic. Before I began my plant-based lifestyle, I was very sick. (To learn more about my ailments, read my full story in my ABOUT ME). In spring 2015, my panic attacks and heart symptoms worsened, and physical symptoms became worse, including my arthritis, asthma and crippling neck pain / migraines. My Nana insisted I go see her chiropractor, Dr. Joseph Gulotta. My first visit, I was at a very vulnerable time in my life. I remember telling him all my ailments and I broke down crying, and had a massive panic attack. He was probably the first doctor that truly listened, comforted me, and believed I could heal, without harsh pharmaceuticals or surgeries. This was the beginning of it all for me. At the time, I didn't know it or that it would lead my soul to many other avenues of healing in conjunction with this. Yet, chiropractic was the start of it all for me (and I still see him monthly or for pain management)!

Besides adjustments, he slowly became my primary care doctor. I remember healing my first sinus infection naturally, without the use of antibiotics, because of him - between his adjustments and natural remedy advice. He also wrote me a script for a Micro-nutrient panel test. "SpectraCell’s Micronutrient test provides the most comprehensive nutritional analysis available by measuring functional deficiencies at the cellular level" (

These tests showed I was extremely deficient in B's, D's, co-enzymes, and serine. I was pre-diabetic. At the time, I was eating a Standard American Diet. At the time, Dr. Gulotta suggested I change my diet, which I wasn't receptive, yet. But I took his advice in cutting out all added sugars - aka quit the cola and 5 packets of sweet'n'low, ha! - and I started with B12 (methylcobalamin), B complex, and co-enzyme Q10 supplementation for a few months. It wasn't until the early fall, 2015, that I made the connection to diet, and I was at the end of my rope - reaching out of my dear friend, Lauren, for further assistance.

Just to recap, Dr. Gulotta has been helping me heal and manage chronic pain for the last 2 years now. My plant-based diet/non-toxic lifestyle, detoxification, and herbs, in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, and energy work have helped me achieve so much healing! I cannot tell you how many panic attacks I have had in the past in his office, and how accommodating, open, and helpful he has been to me through it all. If you can find yourself a good chiropractor along with detoxification, adapting a plant-based lifestyle and taking herbs, you are on a guaranteed journey to healing, and life changes events!


Below is an interview I hope many of you will find interesting and educational; It's briefly about Dr. Gulotta, the services he offers, what it means to be a chiropractor, and how adjustments contribute to our health!

So tell us a little bit about yourself and your practice! So I have been in practice for about 16 years. I first worked in a multidisciplinary wellness center with other chiropractors, medical doctors, and physical therapist. This was a great experience which allowed me to get a different perspective of philosophies on how to look at different conditions. I like to look at my practice as an evolution of techniques. The more experience I get allows me to hone my skills and be able to help a person more efficiently and also treat problems that I was not able to treat earlier in my career. I love helping as many people as possible get better without the use of drugs and surgeries. At this point, I have a private practice in Lake Como, NJ (Jersey shore), and have been here since 2004. How do Chiropractic adjustments help us, especially in relationship to our mental health (anxiety), allergies, and/or anyone with GI issues, for example?

Chiropractic adjustments help by simply allowing the brain to better communicate with the body. Adjustments help restore normal spinal joint function, which can benefit people in many different ways - depending on how that dysfunction affects the nerves or nervous system. It is through the nervous system that most actions occur in the body and if it cannot work properly, we experience symptoms. Symptoms can be anything from low back pain to sinus congestion to constipation, and many others. Most people think chiropractic is for low back pain, but it is so much more than that! Yes, we help with ALL pains, all the time, and most of my patients come in due to pain. But once they are educated on the other benefits, most become regular patients. How often (on average) should someone get adjusted, and should you still get adjustments if no physical pain is present? Many patients come in for regular adjustments even though they are symptom free to make sure they stay in proper alignment and keep joint dysfunction down to a minimum. The frequency of these adjustments vary on the individual depending on condition and activity level, but usually I tell them don't go more than one month or so if they want to stay in prime condition. Chiropractic is just one other way to keep the physical structure and mental state of the body healthy!

What would you say to someone who is fearful of becoming "dependent" on adjustments?

"Dependency," is a matter of preference for the patient, but should look at it this way: do people get dependent on exercising or brushing their teeth? Those are just two ways of keeping your body and teeth healthy. Both of those you should do everyday, and an adjustment just takes minutes once a month (give or take) to maintain proper alignment, and has lasting affect on your spinal health. Do the adjustments hurt, or cause injury? How are they safe? I do cervical adjustments everyday at my office and also perform them on my family and children. So if I felt there was a risk involved, I would not do these treatments. Adjustments are extremely safe and very effective. On a different note, if someone chooses to use medications to control pain than they should look at this worrisome statistic: "In 2009 almost 37,500 deaths occurred from properly prescribed medications in the US (LA Times, 2009 from CDC)." Lastly, what are the treatments you offer, aside from manual adjustments (for example, stim, massage, etc...)

At my office, we provide many other services besides chiropractic and x-rays, one of them being a knee pain protocol designed to give relief to those that have tried many procedures, and are bone on bone with limited options besides surgery. We have been getting great results with our patient who have been told they need knee replacement surgery.

Other services include laser therapy, electrical stim or Rebuilder for neuropathy symptoms (tingling, numbness and pain in the legs or arms), lumbar mechanical traction or also known as the Back on Trac for lumbar disc/facet problems. We also do nutritional cleansing which is a way to help the body cleanse in an efficient manner by loading the body with clean foods and supplements targeting detox pathways in the liver. So you can see we are a wellness clinic that offers many methods to helping people achieve optimum health to give patients an alternative to standard medical treatment which usually includes drugs and medications.

We also have a weight loss program helps break that yo-yo dieting behavior and forces your body to burn your fat reserves for energy and reduces cravings associated with a modified eating protocol using homeopathic and natural supplements which include ginger, allspice, cinnamon, guarana, green tea extract, and others.


So I hope you all found this interview to be educational, especially for those on the fence about seeing a chiropractor! For those of you in the Jersey Shore area, check out his website (click here) and go! Tell him Chloe sent you! Seeing Dr. Gulotta & receiving chiropractic adjustments has been one of the many ways in which I heal and maintain my overall health!

Thanks for reading, as always, and make sure to now SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel: Clementine Crossing !

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