Healing The Body As A WHOLE

✅ Apple/celery/cucumber/lemon juice for adrenal and kidney support, alkalize the body, and hydrate cells/tissues. ✅ GI broom to pull stagnant lymphatic waste from GI tract, remove sulfur accumulation from long term medication use, and remove mucoid plaque (toxic buildup of waste in gut) ✅ Lemon water & 4oz of aloe to take with GI broom. Aloe supports GI Tract, is a natural anti-fungal/viral/bacterial, and a pathogen killer. Also helps relieve constipation We see cardiologists for our heart, psychiatrists for our brain's "chemical imbalance," pulmonologists for our lungs, etc...

But, what if I told you by HEALING - not treating - our elimination systems and glands for 1 "dis-sease" in our body (with detox, diet and herbs) actually heals ALL parts of our body?! * Morpheus voice - matrix *

The body is NOT compartmentalized; if one system is down, ALL systems are down. This means our elimination systems and our endocrine system (glands).

For instance, depression:

Typically stems from inflammation (acids). This inflammation is caused by stagnation in our lymph system because our kidneys are not filtering out lymph waste and our adrenal glands are weak (which control functioning of our kidneys). This creates chain reaction —> a neurological weakness & poor neurotransmitter problems. Now, calcium is a major component in neurotransmitter function. Our parathyroid gland controls calcium utilization in our body. Therefore, we can conclude ENDOCRINE GLANDS, especially the pituitary (the master gland), parathyroid (calcium), and adrenals (release hormones and neurotransmitters), are severely/ chronically weakened.

Pituitary weakness is also indicative of a transverse bowel (colon) weakness and/or blockage. So we must also address - cleanse and strengthen - the bowels, too. What else? POOR DIET & mal-absorption (gut), and a fungal/viral issue (parasites thrive in acidic/ toxic waste), all stemming from an obstruction of flow in nerves, blood, or lymph, and an acidic internal terrain. 💥 I mean it's right in the label of the word DEPRESSion: to reduce level of strength or activity.

What can we conclude? The elimination systems, nervous system and the glands, plus diet, all need to be addressed, not just taking medications. So what would be a prime example of healing depression?

Eating a plant-based diet, rich in raw fruits (berries, and melons especially) and veggies, staying hydrated with fruits and fresh juices, fasting with juices, taking enemas or colonics, taking herbs addressing the elimination systems, endocrine glands, brain, and parasites (fungus). DETOXIFICATION is key! The beauty of this is that the same way to address depression, is basically the same way to address other "dis-eases." It all comes down to detox, diet, and herbal protocols.

SYSTEMIC WEAKNESS Our body being systemically weakened usually begins with the lymphatic system, in which case is backed up from kidneys not filtering out waste! From there, we see things like Epstein Barr Virus, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, depression, candida, etc... these are ALL results of a stagnant lymphatic system. Parasites & viruses especially are the direct result of an acidic, toxic environment. They cannot THRIVE in a healthy environment. Just like cancer cannot thrive/ survive in an oxygen / alkaline rich environment. What does "lymph stagnation" mean, you may be wondering? Our lymph system is our body's sewer system. Our cells eat and poop, just like us! But they can't get up to go to the bathroom. So how is our body removing that waste??? Well, by eating a Standard American diet, processed foods/sugars, and animal-based/high protein diets, it's not removing wastes! In fact, it's accumulating wastes, and creates acids in our body! "Dis-eases" are inflammation created from acids, and form obstructions of nerve, blood, or lymph. These processed foods and animal-based foods foods create an acidic/mucoid, toxic environment, and creates lymphatic stagnation. Proteins especially tax our kidney. Remember, the kidneys are SO important for lymph removal (filtration). That's why it's so vital to eat astringent fruits, hydrate with lemon water and juices, and consume a (mostly) raw diet when trying to rid the body of "dis-eases." This is where HERBS are such an important factor: they bridge the gap where fruits are not enough for chronic degeneration. They assist in detox efforts and enhance functions of cells in related or weakened tissues, glands and organs!


It's important we always focus on ALL of our elimination channels + our glands. This is where all of our "dis-eases" are rooted. By fasting, juicing eating a raw diet - especially a fruit diet, and taking herbs, we are detoxing our body of acids, returning it to homeostasis, and regenerating cells & tissues.

This is where having a health coach and/or detox specialist, like myself, can help you. If you're stuck with mystery and chronic illness, know that you CAN heal with the power of fruits and herbs. Contact me for additional coaching 🙏🏻

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