Tofu Scramble with "Smashed" Potatoes & Coconut Bacon

I don't know about you, but I used to love having eggs in the morning. This recipe is a cruelty free, healthy, plant-based version of scrambled eggs, with a delicious side of "smashed" potatoes and vegan bacon. Delicious and savory for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!


Tofu Scramble:

•1/3 sweet onion

•1 red bell pepper

•2 big handfuls of spinach

•1 block extra firm tofu (I always buy non-gmo/organic)

•3 TBS nutritional yeast

•1/2 tsp of each turmeric,

garlic powder, and pink salt

•1/4 tsp paprika

•2 cups veggie broth/stock for sautéing

•1/4 cup canned coconut milk OR nut milk of choice

•cracked black pepper to taste


•5-6 golden potatoes

•Adobo seasoning

•vegan mayo *optional*

Coconut bacon:

I used 1 full bag of coconut flakes and adapted recipe from @hotforfood - it's the best!

You can swap tamari for coconut aminos, and use less maple syrup.


TIP: you can boil potatoes and make coconut bacon ahead of time. Or, while potatoes are boiling, you can make coconut bacon (takes about 30 min between making "bacon," cooking, and cooling).

1. Wash tofu and potatoes, and chop veggies.

2. Press tofu for 20-30 min to get out moisture. (Just wrap in a bunch of paper towels or a clean organic rag, and place a heavy object on top).

3. While waiting for tofu: place potatoes in a pot of water to boil and cook. Potatoes will cook for roughly 30 min, or until easy to pierce. You can make coconut bacon during this time, or make prior to meal.

4. In a separate pan (while potatoes cooking and tofu is being pressed), sauté onion and pepper with some veggie broth, using a 1/2 cup at time in place of oil.

5. Add coconut cream and crumble in the tofu to the sautéing veggies, chopping tofu with spatula. Then add rest of ingredients. **If you have black salt, add a pinch

6. Keep heat on med-high and stir constantly for about 5-7 min.

7. After your bacon is done, set your oven to high broil.

8. Drain potatoes when done. Smash flat with a potato masher and place on a baking sheet (with parchment paper) and broil for about 10 min or until golden / crispy.

9. Spread a thin amount of vegan mayo on each potato, and sprinkle coconut bacon over entire dish. You can add hot sauce if you like

I hope you enjoy this recipe! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for daily inspo! If you try my recipe, make sure to let me know by tagging me (@clementinecrossing on Instagram / or Clementine Crossing on FB), and use the hashtag #clementinecrossingrecipe


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