"True healing is not a 'quick fix,' but a regeneration that comes from removing all waste from the body." - Arnold Ehret

This blog post will discuss kidney filtration, intro to the lymphatic system, how get started, armpit detoxification, and more!


Regeneration comes from the detoxification process, by bringing alkalinity back to the acidic body. This means removing and eliminating acids from our body via diet and herbs.

What are acids? In this day and age, we are notorious for clogging and overburdening the system. Acids include but are not limited to: ALL animal products, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, skin/beauty products, cleaning products, processed sugars, medications, traumas (creating toxic release of hormones) etc...are all acid and mucous forming. Acids creates toxic build up in the body, creating "dis-eases." All of these toxins & acidity clogs our lymphatic system.

Acute or chronic illness(es), and cancer(s) occurs when the body is over-acidic.

➡️Acidity ➡️ inflammation ➡️ pain ➡️"dis-ease."

These same acids cause lymphatic stagnation, the root to most ailments - both mental and physical.

Alkaline forming foods in a plant-based diet, especially fruits, help the body eliminate these acids, hydrates us on a cellular level, and helps heal. Fruits = cleansers = astringents. They help MOVE the lymph system, pulling out acids and break up stagnation. Astringent fruits like berries, grapes, melons, citrus, is what helps move our lymph and break up acids in our kidneys to be released.

Kidneys and colon both are responsible for removing waste from our body. Kidneys for cellular waste from lymph system and the colon for larger waste from organs, foods and unabsorbed nutrients. Our KIDNEYS are the elimination organs that remove these acids (cellular waste) from our body! This is called filtering. If the kidneys are not filtering out this cellular waste, especially while detoxing, your body will recycle the acids and healing crisis + flares will persist. (Same goes for our colons!) This is where we see more detox symptoms, and poor skin conditions such as acne, since the kidneys will "use" the skin as a 3rd kidney to eliminate waste.

Picture by Dr. Morse Herbal Health

Eating a raw, high fruit diet, different types of fasts, and avoiding heavier plant proteins (such as grains, nuts, and legumes) and minimizing fats during detox will help get the kidneys filtering and functioning. The more fruit the better, since we get our hydration from fruits. The fruits will hydrate the body while simultaneously cleansing. This is important because fruit hydration is much better than liquid hydration, believe it or not, especially when trying to repair kidneys and filtration. You don't want to be drowning your body in liquids, creating more work for your kidneys, and consuming high protein meals, also taxing the kidneys and adrenals.

Some examples to get filtration going are citrus juices, fruit fasts, and/or dry fasts. Daily intermittent fasting can help as well. Switch to a plant-based diet FIRST. Work your way up to fasts, especially if you're coming from a Standard American diet. Chances are your kidneys aren't filtering properly, adrenals are weak, and your body is very acidic. This could create painful detox and a healing crisis.

WARNING: This is also true for those with adrenal fatigue and chronic weakness. The adrenals rely on glucose for energy. Our adrenals are a major control center in our body to begin with, especially when it comes to neurotransmitters, hormones, blood pressure, respiration, and kidney function. If you're not consuming foods (especially in a dry fast), the body will turn to the adrenals for energy. Given the weakened state your adrenals are already most likely in (which most people today have chronic conditions), this causes the body to crash. I highly recommend detoxing with raw food/fruit 1st, for a good while, before going into anything deeper like a dry fast. This is where Dr. Morse's herbs, along with herbs such as licorice root, would help to strengthen and regenerate these glands. (Do not take licorice root with high blood pressure, as licorice helps raise BP).

Adjusting to a plant-based diet, and then easing more into raw foods and fruits will help your transition into any type of fast be much less painful. A toxic diet will create a toxic detox. So, unless you're suffering from a severe case such as cancers, neurological, etc... increase your raw fruit and vegetable intake prior to working your way into a deeper cleanse such as fruit fasts, juice cleanses, water fasts, dry fasts, etc...

This also includes incorporating herbs to help regenerate the kidneys, lymph, colon, and endocrine system. I personally love and am healing using dr. Morse's herbs (+ a few others). With over 40 years of healing people, his herbal formulas work to remove toxins from the cells in our body, and bring regeneration to our tissues, organs, and glands. It's helped me reverse ailments and continue to heal. (Read more further down in the blog in "HOW TO").


So how do we avoid acidosis, or better yet, how do we heal? Eating and drinking an alkaline-rich diet. Lemon water, fresh juices, fruits, veggies, & herbs. Eating / drinking astringent fruits like citrus, berries, grapes, and melons are great detoxifiers 💪🏻 "Dis-eases" (such as cancer) cannot thrive in an alkaline rich environment. Acids cannot be eliminated unless all of our elimination systems - lymph, skin, kidneys, lungs, colon - are functioning properly, which is why addressing our lymphatic system is so important!

What are you doing for your lymph system?

The lymphatic system = our personal septic tank! It's one of our major elimination systems, and highly responsible for our immunity, as they work symbiotically. Just like we eat and we poop, so do our cells! Many do not realize our lymphatic system is not only our IMMUNE system, but a major elimination system. So, what happens when a sewer system gets back up? 😷 gross, right? Well, same goes for our lymph system! Did you know your body is 80% lymph fluid, and only 20% blood? Our lymph fluid carries out acidic cellular metabolic waste thru our colon, kidneys, skin, etc... When lymph isn't being filtered properly due to poor diet/lifestyle, viscosity and stagnation occurs, forming mucous, acids and "dis-ease." The lymph system becomes congested, causing toxins to be reabsorbed through our cells & blood.

Something so profound I learned via eCornell in my plant-based nutrition classes is that FOOD is a bigger determining factor when it comes to wellness vs. illness than genes. Family history does not seal your fate. What you ingest, however, determines the likelihood of those genes being expressed.

Take a tumor, for instance. Dr. Morse teaches that any dis-ease in the body is an obstruction of flow to lymph, blood, or nerve. Cellular damage or death occurs from extreme acidosis. "Activation" of "cancer" cells, for instance, occur when the body becomes over acidic, toxic, and malnourished. Therefore, this "tumor" is made up of trapped acids and toxins from...guess what?!... a clogged lymphatic system! Cancers and other severe acidosis "dis-eases" cannot thrive in an oxygen rich, anti-oxidant rich, alkaline environment. This is why we need fruit! Learn more about fruit for healing here.


"When your lymph nodes are large and hard, that's very serious. Waste from your cells filter through those lymph nodes on the way to the kidneys. It is kidney filtration of the lymph system that becomes impaired, especially from these high protein diets." - Dr. Robert Morse, ND.

Basically, our lymph system removes waste from the blood while metabolizes the nutrients from it. There's many parts to this system, but let's focus on the lymph NODES! We have thousands of nodes in our body. Have you ever had swelling in your neck while sick, or tonsillitis? That's your lymph nodes responding to mucous and toxin congestion. Our nodes run throughout our body but are grouped in particular areas, such as armpits, neck, groin... they are small and should NOT be visible, hard, immobile, or painful.

Our nodes are in these "collection" areas for a reason; our lymph system does not have a pump like our vascular system. Notice how they're highly concentrated in areas where we typically move a lot. Therefore, our lymph system highly depends on our movement, and an alkaline /astringent diet/lifestyle!

Remember, acidity and stagnation is caused by toxins, including diet. These toxins are acids, parasitic, fungal, and mucous forming, clogging our lymph nodes. With poor diet & lifestyle choices we see things such as colds and flus, sinus issues, asthma and respiratory issues, skin issues, cancers... the list goes on.

This is ALL in relation to a weak, clogged, non-functioning lympathic system! Enlargement of lymph nodes, especially if they're hard, is chronic, and NOT good. This is systemic acidosis, stagnation, and requires immediate detox. We are so conditioned to think that our body systems work separately, when really they all work as one. If our lymph system is down, everything is down!


Good news? We can heal! That's the power of raw fruits and vegetables/plant-based diet, herbs, and fasts!


1) First and foremost - switch to a plant-based diet! For tips, check out my blog post here. If more info or assistance, contact me for health coaching services.

Once you've gone plant-based and comfortable, start focusing on a predominately raw diet, eventually consisting of 80% or more fruits! (This is for highest forms of healing). Increase your raw fruit and vegetable intake before you work your way into a deeper cleanse such as fruit fasts, juice cleanses, water fasts, dry fasts, etc... This can be a process for some, and overnight for others.

2) Proper hydration! This doesn't just mean drowning ourselves and kidneys with fluids. This means water rich, raw foods. Fruits are your best choice and the healers!

Cleansing, astringent fruits - berries, grapes, melons, citrus

3) Focus on proper elimination via kidneys and colon - this is where herbs bridge the gap to where food cannot, especially for chronic and degenerative cases. It's really important to be focusing on these elimination channels, especially when detoxing and moving lymph, or else the body will recycle these toxins and healing crisis will persist. I discussed above the importance of herbs, and how to try to get kidney's filtering. I've heard castor oil packs help as well. Adrenal support is crucial as well, as this will further help cleanse and strengthen the kidneys. As far as further colon assistance, enemas and colonics can be used as a form of assistance (but not to be relied on daily/habitually).

4) De-worm yourself. This means proper elimination of viral overloads, bad bacteria, fungus, yeast - all bad parasites (large and microscopic). Dr. Robert Morse talks about the importance of parasite cleanses, and I 100% agree. This is especially important for those dealing with DEPRESSION and CANDIDA. Everyone should de-worm themselves 1-2x a year with herbs and cleanses. Make sure to take in conjunction with herbs focusing on the elimination systems & endocrine systems, such as kidney & bladder, stomach & bowel, endocrine, and lymph.

5) LIGHT Exercise & movement! Moving our body is crucial for our lymphatic system, as our movements act as our lymph fluid's pump! Swim, walk, stretch, yoga, rebounding - these are all LIGHT movements. It's important to rest while detoxing and you do not want over exertion, as this will take energy away from the healing process and also build more lactic acid in the body.

Warning: avoid rebounding unless you know your kidneys are filtering. Rebounding without kidney filtration can cause a healing crisis, and uncomfortable detox symptoms from the body reabsorbing the acids the lymph is releases (and kidneys aren't removing).

6) Sweat - release those toxins. This doesn't mean excessive exercise. This could mean sit out in the sun on a hot day, sit in a hot shower, or a sauna. (Check with physician first, as always).

7) Dry skin brushing - there are many YouTube videos on how to do this. But always brush (lightly) towards the KIDNEYS. The point is to move lymph and direct it towards our kidneys to remove the waste.

8) AVOID stimulants: caffeines, processed sugars, and coffee, especially, tax our adrenal glands, and can actually make anxiety symptoms worse, and slow down detox. If you cannot remove/replace these items from you diet, make sure you hydrate 4x as much! Click here for coffee alternatives.

Baths are another great way to detox your body. I love epsom salt baths with lavender, frankincense, or peppermint essential oils.

** Do not forget to focus on your mental health. I have a page dedicated to tips for those suffering with anxiety here. Adaptogens and nervines have been helping me heal tremendously from life long manic depression, OCD, anxiety, and panic attacks. I have discussed this briefly in a previous blog post here, and I will further address this in future posts. **

By detoxing our body with fruits, fasts, and herbs, you'll also be detoxing from heavy metals, another major contributor to "dis-eases." If you're on a detoxifying diet, consisting of 80-100% raw food, with predominately fruits and herbs, your pains and symptoms are most likely always attributed to detox. Acids cause "dis-ease" and pain in the body to begin with, and they don't always feel great coming out. You can always slow down a detox with cooked veggies (depending on the level of detox you're at), or slowing down herbs.

Remember, our lymph system uses our kidneys 1st as a form of removing waste. So using herbs to cleanse our lymph system AND kidneys is very important. You do NOT want to focus soley on the lymph system without focusing on the kidneys as well. Also cleansing / cleaning the GI tract with a raw diet, fasting and more herbs.


Where do we put on deodorant, filled with a plethora of toxins including aluminum and hormone disruptors? ON OUR DAMN ARMPITS! We are blatantly clogging these crucial nodes. Aside from diet/lifestyle change, fasting, and taking cleansing herbs

Enlargement, pain, swelling or SMELLING in this area is a sign of trapped toxins, stagnation, and so on. I stink to high heaven lately - ha!!! I've found that "smelling" has been a major part of my detox over the last 2 years, and even though I am healing, my body is telling, "girl, you're CLOGGED!" I went from having such severe enlargement a few years ago (2011, recommended 5 axilla nodes be removed), to my nodes gradually getting smaller, and now painless. This is super simple to make, and clay with apple cider vinegar (ACV) work together to draw toxins from these nodes = assist with detox. I basically followed directions on the clay, but I did roughly this:

  • 1 TBS clay

  • 1 tsp ACV

  • tsp or 2 of water -- to make it a paste.

  • I personally cleaned my armpits prior by rubbing aloe gel on them, rinsing with warm water, and then mask.

  • Lather on for 15-25 min and rinse off thoroughly in shower (with non-toxic soap). You can rub some coconut oil or almond oil in armpits after shower for extra moisture. Make sure to stay hydrated, as you're essentially draining your lymph and could bring on some detox.

I personally feel great doing this.

I've been on a plant-based diet for over 2 years, with deep cleansing via high fruit, fasts, and herbs for 1.5 years. This is what works for me, and I've seen this work for many others. Everyone is different, and I am a strong believer in trial and error, and intuition. But focusing fruits, colon cleanses, herbs to support the elimination systems (kidneys, colon, lymph, skin, lungs), and more, can all help bring alkalinity and regeneration back to the body! Need more help with the detoxification process or even switching to a plant-base diet? Contact me! I'm a certified health coach, certified in plant-based nutrition and a certified detox specialist. I know this may seem like intimidating info, but I feel it's SO important for us to understand how our body really works, and how to truly heal. I hope you found this educational. Let me know if you try it by using the hashtag #clementinecrossing 🙏🏻✨ DISCLAIMER: (C) 2017-2018 CHLOE ANSELMO. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I am not a doctor. Medical information and advice provided on Clementine Crossing is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic, prescription, or treatment purposes. Information here should not be a substitute for medical advice. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website. Do not stop or start medications without consulting with your health care provider. If pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult with your doctor before taking any herbal supplements. Clementine Crossing shall have no liability, for any damages, loss, injury, or liability whatsoever suffered as a result of your reliance on the information contained in this site.

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